RoadSafe Europe

Dangerous Goods & transport training and consultancy

We can offer a CAA approved one-day specialist course for those specifically shipping infectious substances, diagnostic specimens and associated materials by air. Though these materials are included in the standard IATA course, due to their complexity, additional study may be prudent.  As always, these courses can be hosted on-site at your own premises, or at our training centre in Southampton.

The range of subjects covered include:

  • Classification of Category A (UN2814 and UN2900), and Category B substances, both human and animal
  • Packaging infectious substances/diagnostic specimens
  • Biological Substances, Category B (UN3373)
  • Clinical wastes, including the new Category A classifications
  • The Excepted Quantity provisions
  • The Special provisions
  • Marking and labelling
  • Shippers' Declarations and airway bills
  • The requirements for dry ice, cryogenic gases and dry-shippers
  • Restrictions and limitations
  • Genetically Modified Micro-organisms (if required)
  • Exempted materials

It will also cover the requirements for samples that are contained within small amounts of potentially flammable or toxic preservative fluids (using the Excepted Quantity and "de minimus" provisions).

This course will result in the award of a training certificate, valid for 24 months, but restricted only to Class 6.2 goods - therefore is not suitable for those additionally shipping other classes. We will provide a comprehensive course handbook covering all the requirements, therefore the trainees will not need to purchase the full IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

The course is suitable for shippers (doctors, medical professionals, veterinarians, drug company employees, zoologists, forensics technicians, etc), packers, cargo agents, acceptance and operators' staff, and is ideally suited for institutions such as hospitals and universities.

The same course is suitable for both initial or revalidation candidates, and we do not impose a maximum number of trainees.

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