RoadSafe Europe

Dangerous Goods & transport training and consultancy

At RoadSafe we can offer an unparalleled range of bespoke short, non-examined, training courses to suit any customer requirement.

These are held as informal workshops at your premises using the latest audio-visual aids at our disposal.

Each course is individually tailored to the customer's operations, indeed, we welcome the opportunity to prepare presentations on your behalf should you wish to front it yourself. Obviously, we also map such courses against the "function specific" criteria indicated in the relevant Regulations to ensure they are legally compliant.

Some of the subjects we've covered recently include: The transportation of Dry-ice, laboratory equipment, Legionella virus, fumigated shipping containers, air-bag modules, disposable anti-tank weapons and even frozen bull semen. Other, more routine, courses have been Spillage and Emergency Response, Basic Chemistry, Transport Law, Packaging of Dangerous Goods, Environmental procedures and Dangerous Goods by Air or Sea Awareness.

All candidates for Short Courses are presented with a traceable Certificate of Attendance for inclusion in their personnel file as specified in the appropriate Regulations.

If you've a training requirement, or a message to put over to your staff, contact RoadSafe Europe to see how we can assist you today.